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From Dr. Patrick Tran:

Pain is predicted. Suffering is selected. There is always a path back to joy!


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Dr. Patrick Tran has changed my life through teaching me meditation and mindset through his calming presence. He navigates medicine effortlessly while being fully present for his son’s journey surviving cancer. Despite overwhelming odds, he has still crushed it in business, completing over $20,000,000 in triple-net real estate transactions in less than 12 months. If you want fulfillment in your life while having both time and financial freedom, Patrick can show you the way! 

-Matt Onofrio, CRNA. CEO of Wild Moose Ventures


Dr. Tran is a kind-hearted, genuine soul who is on a mission to improve the lives of physicians through teaching them the path to financial freedom through real estate investing. He brings together robust real estate experience with solid values.  

- Elaine Stageberg MD. Founder of black swan investing.


Burnout is a significant problem in medicine.  Many feel it is inevitable and even their fault!  Dr. Patrick Tran is a thought leader and results leader who shows us a different path! Dr. Tran's insights and actionable tools are life and career changing!  His book should be part of medical education curriculum. I believe it can change the future of practicing medicine!

-Jaime Hope, MD, Attending Physician of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Professor, Bestselling Author of HabitThat

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Get access to top-rated personal development courses and coaching.