“Happiness is an attitude, rather than a destination. In Burn-In, Patrick Tran teaches us that, with the right attitude, we can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. This book can help improve the lives of a generation of doctors, and that will benefit us all.”


Tom Burns, MD

Bestselling author of Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich

"Patrick Tran is an inspiration to be around. Both a constant humble learner and incredibly insightful, he brings a depth of knowledge that is rare in today’s quick sound bite era. His action-oriented life is impressive and makes you want to be around him. I recommend anyone given the chance to spend time with Patrick in whatever capacity you can.

Jake Harris

Bestselling author of Catching Knives, managing Partner at Harris Bay

“Most doctors get into medicine to serve the greater good and help us all live better, stronger and longer lives, which then negatively impacts their own health and family life. In Burn-In, Patrick Tran shows how to make the world of medicine a balanced placea win-win. This book proves that a doctor can indeed have it all.

Pat Hiban

New York Times bestselling author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures and Tribe of Millionaires, cofounder of GoBundance 

“Dr. Tran is a kind-hearted, genuine soul who is on a mission to improve the lives of physicians by teaching them the path to financial freedom through real estate investing. He is a truly great person who brings together robust real estate experience and solid values.”

Elaine Stageberg, MD

Founder of Black Swan Investing and founder of Single Family Investing at Scale 


“This book should be required reading for medical students. I believe it could change the future of how we practice medicine.”


Jaime Hope, MD

Emergency room physician and bestselling author of Habit That!

"Dr. Patrick Tran lives the gratitude and positivity he teaches and is wise beyond his years. His energy is desperately needed to revive the devalued physician in our disrupted medical profession."


Brett Levine, MD

Coauthor of How to Join, Buy, or Merge a Physician’s Practice

I have witnessed Patrick’s son’s cancer journey through his writings. As a cancer survivor, I can relate to what he’s gone through. He is evolving and growing in his deep wisdom about life and I am thankful for every word he writes, as it helps me to reflect more and surrender to what is in the moment.”  

Nina Homnack

Cofounder and SVP of SimulTrans

"Dr. Patrick Tran is truly heart-centered in everything he does. You can't help but feel that he is naturally ‘ here’  permanently— a true hallmark of anti-stress, anti-anxiety  and anti-burnout. He's been able to shift the direction of his life by tapping into his inner abundance and patience and i t clearly shows in his book and interactions with others."

Derek Clifford

Author of Part-time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals: Upgrade Your Mindset, Portfolio and Finances in Less Than a Year While Working